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Thursday, 24 August 2017


Woman's Weekly has been running for over 100 years and is still one of the best selling women's magazines on the market.

It had everything a woman could want in the publication from fashion to weight loss.

Some of the advice was on recipes where housewives could earn a 'half a crown' by sending in their favourite recipe.

Readers offers were a little bit different from ours nowadays, with an offer of an 'ABSOLUTELY FREE' booklet of powder leaves, used to scent gloves and handkerchiefs with every purchase of a 2d packet of Oatine shampoo or toilet soap.

Fashion tips were ones we should learn from with for 6d, women could send off for a dress pattern of their choice (they mostly made their own).However, waists in those days were a small 26"!!!

Their answer to weight loss to keep slim was by taking a treatment called Antipon, which, they said contained 'vegetable ingredients of a quite harmless nature' and promised would shed 'between 8oz and 3lbs in the first 24 hours!( I could do with some of that).

Some of these vintage women's magazines have been selling on ebay for quite a lot of money with a vintage Vogue fetching nearly £50. Whenever I go to a charity shop I always look to see if they have any put away in a corner somewhere but I have only been lucky once.

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