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Wednesday, 10 August 2011


The Tea Cosy tea shop in Brighton is keeping up with the royals in all ways.

The walls are decked with commemorative memorabillia and the menu hosts the likes of Queen Mother's Cream tea to William and Harry's Tea, see below.


William and Harry's Tea
A selection of homemade biscuits with a pot of tea for one.

Beatrice and Eugenie's Tea
Cupcake with hot chocolate, cream and marshmallows.

Charles and Camilla Tea
Two pieces of toast with Pate or homemade preserve and a pot of tea for one.

Princess Margaret Low Tea
A piece of cake with a pot of tea for one.

Queen Mother's Cream Tea

Tuesday, 9 August 2011



I can't wait for return of one of my favourite programmes, the British period drama series 'Downton Abbey',written and created by actor and writer Julian Fellowes, and based around the early 1900's and filmed in the Stately home of the Earl and Countess of Grantham.

You cannot help but think of how life was around that time where 'the table' was an important setting, the focus of much of the social life of that period.

Guests were invited to teatime where important rituals helped to reinforce a family's wealth and social standing.

Dinner parties were held to show off their daughters with all the social skills and foibles of the time.

Teatime, sometimes immediately followed on from dinner (now lunch-time). Some of the breads you could choose from were wholemeal bread, cheese bread, soda bread and crumpets. Then there were lots of different types of scones followed by unusually named cakes like, Surly Curd Tart, which included one teaspoon of Epsom salts in its recipe!!! Cherry cake was very fashionable at this time as well as 'boiled' Fruit cake and of course a large choice of home made jams.

You can follow them on twitter!/DowntonAbbey or online


Did you know that on the...

1st August 1774,(230 years ago)the English scientist Joseph Priestley discovered 'dephlogisticated air' (later known as oxygen).

4th August 1914, (90 years ago) Britain declared war on Germany and World War 1 began.

3rd August 1924,(80 years ago) Joseph Conrad, the Ukrainian-born English novelist died.

5th August 1729,(275 years ago) Thomas Newcomen, the English engineer and inventor of he atmospheric steam engine died.

5th August 1984,(20 years ago) Richard Burton, the welsh actor died.

9th August 1979,(25 years ago)Britain's first nudist beach opened in Brighton.

8th August 1974,(30 years ago) Richard Nixon resigned as the US president after being threatened with impeachment for his part in the Watergate Scandal.


Throughout August to celebrate National Afternoon Tea Week you can get 25% off some afternoon teas in London and the UK.

Just click onto and click on the link for your 25% offer plus a gift voucher.

cakes 003


The renowned and iconic British landmark that is Buckingham Palace is only open to visitors for a short time in the summer.

Enjoy exploring the opulent hallways and furnished interiors of this Royal Residence. See the state rooms and finish with an Afternoon Tea at either the Thistle Westminster or Grosvenor Victoria, both renowned four star hotels. For a limited time you can also see Kate Middletons wedding dress, tiara, shoes and cake.

The offer was from has been reduced from £115 -£95 for an afternoon tea and tour of this superb building.

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