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Tuesday, 9 August 2011


Did you know that on the...

1st August 1774,(230 years ago)the English scientist Joseph Priestley discovered 'dephlogisticated air' (later known as oxygen).

4th August 1914, (90 years ago) Britain declared war on Germany and World War 1 began.

3rd August 1924,(80 years ago) Joseph Conrad, the Ukrainian-born English novelist died.

5th August 1729,(275 years ago) Thomas Newcomen, the English engineer and inventor of he atmospheric steam engine died.

5th August 1984,(20 years ago) Richard Burton, the welsh actor died.

9th August 1979,(25 years ago)Britain's first nudist beach opened in Brighton.

8th August 1974,(30 years ago) Richard Nixon resigned as the US president after being threatened with impeachment for his part in the Watergate Scandal.

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