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Tuesday, 24 February 2015


I just could not resist buying this fantastic Collins Quite Brilliant 'A Celebration of British English'.The cute bulldog on the front made me look at it straight away.

As I have previously written we British are an eccentric population with a culture as put in this book as 'suitably, and uniquely, barmy'.

After all as they say we invented 'trainspotting and raves, we love saying please and thnak you to strangers in the street but then shouting at them in football grounds, we taught the world how to write great pop music and also how to make a jolly good cup of tea', so we really are a unique lot.

This book is a celebration of our gems and the people and culture around it, its what they call 'a jubilant celebration of of British English's most wonderful moments.

Enjoy ….   

Sunday, 22 February 2015


1.  No alarm clock...

2. The Sunday papers...

3. Sunday lunch ...

4. A lie in ...

5. A walk somewhere different with my dog...

What are your top five? ...

Saturday, 21 February 2015


Did you know that one in three British pets are overweight and 82% of vets run special clinics for overweight pets, according to a survey carried out in 2007.

As you can see from the photo my little girl is definitely NOT overweight. 


Apparently when the horse was king, travelers liked to keep their sword hand free to deal with hostile traffic and as most were right-handed, they kept to the left and it became a rule of the Highways Bill of 1835. 

Wednesday, 18 February 2015


Today is Ash Wednesday which means it's the first day of Lent. Its official name is 'Day of Ashes', so called because of the practice of rubbing ashes on one's forehead in the sign of a cross.

It marks the first day of fasting, repentance, prayer and self-control. Luxury or rich foods such as meat and dairy are often avoided by those taking part in Lent. Also abstention from personal 'bad habit's such as watching television or eating too much sugar is also commonly practised.


I bet you didn't know that the 1st of February has been designated British Yorkshire Pudding Day ?

According to wikipedia, the Yorkshire pudding was usually made in a large tin, and often it was served before the main meal. The traditional way of eating Yorkshire pudding is with roast beef,but you can eat them with a chicken or pork roast.

British Yorkshire Pudding Day was first launched in 2008, by Florence Sandeman of Recipes4us as an homage to an iconic British dish.

If you pop down to the Yorkshire Pudding website you will find lots of great recipes, news and reviews.

Monday, 16 February 2015


It's nearly that time of year where Britain is swathed in beautiful bluebell masses in our mass of woodlands through the UK. This spectacular display is only found in northern Europe, but Britain contains more than half of the worlds population. Common bluebells are a protected specie in the UK and the main threat to their survival is people picking the flowers !!!

Below is a list of some of the most glorious places to enjoy these very pretty flowers on National Trustland.

Allen Banks & Staward Gorge, Northumberland
Explore the woods and discover the carpet of bluebells and wild garlic (ramsons) covering the woodland floor.
Ashridge Estate, Hertfordshire
The 1.5-mile woodland trail has a beautiful display of bluebells beneath the bright-green beech canopy.
Blakes Wood, Essex
This 106-acre ancient woodland bursts into colour in spring with carpets of bluebells, primroses and yellow archangel.
Blickling, Norfolk
The wilderness garden and the woodland in the park are renowned for their bluebells-there's a breathtaking two acres of blue in spring, with a single cloud of white formed by a clump of wild garlic growing in its midst.
Buckland Abbey, Devon
Discover wonderful bluebell displays in the Great North Wood and take a three-mile Bluebell Walk with the estate warden on Friday, May 7, 11am-1.30pm.
Calke Park and Abbey, Derbyshire
With secret walks and 600 acres of parkland, much of it a National Nature Reserve. Among this ancient woodland, bluebells flower in abundance.
Dinefwr, Carmarthenshire
There are several way-marked walks throughout the parkland and wooded estate where you can take in the gorgeous bluebell displays.
Emmetts Garden, Kent
One of the highest points in Kent, with magnificent views of the Weald and North Downs. The woodland slopes are famed for their carpets of bluebells in spring
Hardcastle Crags, Yorkshire
A hidden beauty spot near Hebden Bridge. The three-mile Mill Walk is the ideal place to see a mass of bluebells in spring.
Kingston Lacy, Dorset
The 2.5-mile woodland walk and lime walk on the estate are both great ways to see the annual show of bluebells
Lanhydrock, Cornwall
At the start of the 1.5-mile Great Wood and Avenue Walk you'll come across the bluebell wood, famed for its carpet of colour in spring
Lyme Park, Cheshire
Wander up West Park Drive and enjoy a glorious bluebell display-along with great views across the Cheshire Plain
Nap Wood, Sussex
A tranquil woodland oasis along an ancient track of the Weald, which possibly dates back to the first few centuries AD. Mature tall trees tower above and a dense carpet of bluebells brightens the woodland floor in spring.
Osterley Park, Middlesex
One of the last surviving country estates in London, the garden and park are the perfect retreat from busy modern life. The bluebells appear late spring around the south and west woods
Rowallane Garden, County Down
This enchanting garden reflects the beautiful natural landscape of the surrounding area. Take a tranquil walk around the spring garden and the woodland trail, carpeted with bluebells in spring
Speke Hall, Merseyside
Wander through the estate to Stocktons Wood, where you'll see a glorious display of bluebells; keep going to be rewarded with great views of the Mersey estuary.
Stourhead, Wiltshire
Bluebells are abundant throughout the Estate and give wonderful displays through the wooded glades.
The Weir, near Hereford
A wonderful informal garden situated on the steeply sloping, south-facing bank of the River Wye. Richly planted with an abundance of bulbs, providing colour throughout spring, including bluebells
Winkworth Arboretum, Surrey
Buried amid the gorgeous collection of trees and shrubs is the old English bluebell wood, which slopes down to the lake beneath a canopy of oak and Japanese maple.

Sunday, 15 February 2015


Bournemouth has a lot to offer...

Did you know that Bournemouth not only has the only man made reef in Buscombe but now is said to be the home of the new sport of 'stand up paddle skating'.

A hybrid of skateboarding and paddle boarding in which you use a big stick to propel yourself at high speed along the promenade.

Don't forget the annual Bournemouth Bay Run on Sunday 12th April which is run in support for the British Heart Foundation. February is actually National Heart Month and The British Heart Foundation are asking us all to make one small change every day to reduce our risk of heart disease. So pop along to their website to take the heart month challenge.

Did you know that every day 440 people in the UK lose their lives to heart and circulatory diseases and yet 75% of cases are preventable.

So, why not challenge yourself with a 13.1 mile run against the backdrop of Bournemouth's Coastline. Benefiting from an event t-shirt, timing chip and medal for all finishers as well as full even marshalling and first aid - you will be supported every step of the way. Even 10K runners will also enjoy the same benefits as half marathon participants. It all sounds great fun, who needs to go to Europe when we have all these activities right here int he UK.


Hi, I'm back after a loooooooong break from this blog with what I hope will be lots of interesting articles for you to read, some to make you laugh or cry and others on a more serious matter.

Us Brits have a lot to offer and are a very special race of people so do pop by with your mug of tea or coffee and sit down and enjoy ............

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