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Tuesday, 24 February 2015


I just could not resist buying this fantastic Collins Quite Brilliant 'A Celebration of British English'.The cute bulldog on the front made me look at it straight away.

As I have previously written we British are an eccentric population with a culture as put in this book as 'suitably, and uniquely, barmy'.

After all as they say we invented 'trainspotting and raves, we love saying please and thnak you to strangers in the street but then shouting at them in football grounds, we taught the world how to write great pop music and also how to make a jolly good cup of tea', so we really are a unique lot.

This book is a celebration of our gems and the people and culture around it, its what they call 'a jubilant celebration of of British English's most wonderful moments.

Enjoy ….   

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