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Tuesday, 10 September 2013


The red telephone box is a symbol of Britain, however with the modern world now using mobiles most of the time, it is fast disappearing from our streets.

Did you know that they can also be found (working) in Malta and Gozo. Also, Australia and New Zealand once had similar telephone boxes and some have been preserved as historic sites.

Some people have them in their back garden, including the Hollywood actor Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dogs).

They also say that there is a phone box in the Lancashire village of Dunsop Bridge which is supposed to be situated in the very centre of the British Isles.

Kingston upon Hull is the only place in the UK that does not have the red telephone boxes but cream ones instead. It is apparently because it was the only area of the UK not under the Post Office monopoly so the boxes were under the control of Hull's city council.


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