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Thursday, 18 April 2013



What is it about us Brits that we are so obsessed with the weather.

Every time we go into a shop we comment on the weather, we chat about it on the phone, while out walking a dog, over dinner in a Restaurant. In fact we just don't stop talking about it. A survey has shown that we spend nearly six months just 'talking' about the weather.

Apparently the British in particular are obsessed with the English weather.

Its one of the most common ways to start a conversation, and I feel sorry for the check-out staff at supermarkets which must listen to people talking about the weather all day long.

We spend almost five times a day talking about it and spend longer discussing it, than on sport or work!

Women talk about it more than chatting about their men, love lives and gossip.

Even Twitter gets 500,000 'tweets' about it, and as for older people, well we have three times as many conversations about it and still believe in old wives tales, such as, cows sitting down (rain comes) something I 'always' say and the family make fun of me and of course, red sky at night is legendary.

These findings prove that we are a nation who is totally obsessed with the weather and with our unusually cold winter, millions of conversations at the moment are about the weather.

So, while I'm on the subject of the weather, where has the so called glorious sunshine gone to today, its more like cloudy skies to me...

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