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Thursday, 7 April 2011


The Brits are obsessed with the weather. We talk about it all the time. Every shop owner must get sick of us all saying the same thing, day in day out. But this week has been the warmest week in April for a long time, so we are entitled to get excited about it.

'74F in April', say the weather men. In fact the forecast for the weekend is so good they are telling us to 'buff up our sunglasses and break out the barbecue' ready for our hot weekend.

Blue skies basked across most of the UK and beaches were getting busy. But with forecasts for a long wet summer already being talked about, taking the barbecue out this early could be a bit presumptuous.

The garden centres are buzzing and I've certainly spent up this week in one of them. After such a harsh winter many Brits have found a number of their plants and trees have suffered from it, so I'm sure that no matter what the weather is like they should be stay busy this summer.

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